About Us

Howdy folks. We figured ya’ll was wondering what the heck is happening in this funky little building so here we are to inform and update. This fine piece of beachfront property is a neighborhood hot spot for many culinary and beverage desires and needs. Breakfast is our forte as we serve it all day. Our lunch menu focuses on soups, salads, and sandwiches. Even better, our menu is half vegetarian and half meaty. Yes, ye nay sayers, we are doing it right by having, count ‘em, two separate grills for the meats and veggies. Imagine the aromas of fresh coffee, baked goods, and fine vittles.

Furthermore, our meat products are “drug-free” (no hormones, steroids, or whatever other crazy cancer-causing agents) and we are organic/sustainable on produce when feasible. One of the greatest assets we utilize is our local and regional farmers. This industry is booming and we want to bring ya’ll their healthy produce and meats at a fair price. In addition to quality produce and meats we have searched long and hard for the best coffee beans and teas. We are a full service coffee joint with a rock star barista cranking out the goods bright and early.

If you're wondering about alcohol availability, we have it. However, we don't serve any before 11am on weekdays. Zada Jane’s is, above all, a family and community friendly restaurant that happens to serve alcohol.

One last note: HECK YEAH THOSE ARE SHUFFLEBOARD COURTS OUT FRONT! You best dig up those Bermuda shorts and Hawaiian shirts and bring it on, friendly folks!

Thank you,

The warm fuzzy folks at Zada Jane’s